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My first short story was published when I was 11 years old.  That $25.00 check from Sunshine Magazine seemed like a fortune!   I was sure I would hit the big time with my dreams of doing nothing but lounging around with my writing pad and pencil.


Thirty something years and many laptops later, I am still waiting for that big time I dreamt of as a kid.  As happens, the wild dreams of youth often submit to practicality as life unfolds and dreams shift their shapes.


I set aside fiction writing for more serious fare of poetry, autobiographical sketches and efforts to help people understand the masses of people I used to call mine.  


My most recent book is "It's Not About You: Understanding Coming Out & Self-Acceptance."  It it is often billed as the modern coming out guide and that seems right.


With so many GLBT youth on the streets and being kicked out of their homes (in record numbers), I felt it was time to change the dynamic of the coming out experience for both the person coming out and those to whom someone is coming out.


I've always believed that coming out is an act of honesty and yet we've let it become something much more dramatic than that.  This book addresses that and a host of other coming out issues.  Digital copies of this book are being distributed free of charge to school educators/counselors this year as part of the Youth Empowerment Project.  It's a great program with a very proactive attitude about saving lives.


In 2010, I picked up an old manuscript for a fiction book I began writing nearly ten years ago.  I hope to finish that book sometime this year.  It is much different than any of my other work since writing fiction is a refreshing task.


More on that as it comes to pass.



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It's Not About You: Understanding Coming Out & Self-Acceptance

"This project is the result of nearly three years of research and writing," Marc Adams says.  "It's one of my most exciting projects."

It's Not About You is a practical guide for family and friends of those coming out.  The book also includes guidance for those coming out on how to live life courageously, confidently and consistently.

"I was inspired to write this book after spending the past 14 years interacting with other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and discussing coming out experiences and the disclosure reactions of their families and friends," Adams continues.  "While the past decade has brought a little improvement in disclosure reactions, there is a serious need for a modern perspective to guide those on the receiving end of a GLBT person's honesty as well as encouragement for those taking the step to live their lives honestly."

It's Not About You includes a foreword from Shelley Craig, PhD, LCSW, an assistant professor at Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto. She teaches in the Health and Mental Health Specialization primarily focusing on research and practice for health.  It's Not About You also includes an important segment by contributing author, Alexander Pangborn, on coming out as transgender.

"Marc Adams has written in intuitive form, what those of us in the social sciences are beginning to understand," Dr. Craig writes.  "Reactions matter.  This insightful volume establishes a case and framework for approaching these critical moments."

"The purpose of this book is to educate families and friends of GLBT people not only about the impact of their reactions but to provide a path to correcting an inappropriate reaction," Adams says.  "Coming out is a gift of honesty and this book lights the way to accepting that gift and maintaining relationships based on love.  Readers at every place in their journey will find something new here."